Procera - African Juniper Gin Procera - African Juniper Gin
“My whole career I’ve been striving to make the perfect martini gin. When we distilled that first handful of fresh, green Procera berries, I knew immediately that African juniper was going to change the world of gin.”
Roger Jorgensen — Master Distiller
“If I could only take one gin to a desert island for my martini it would be Procera.”
Alessandro Palazzi — Head Barman Duke’s Bar, London

Juniperus Procera

More than any ingredient, a gin’s juniper defines its backbone of character and reveals the terroir of its origins. We harvest our berries at the end of the short rains with the local community who live near the highland forest of Kijabe at 2200 metres. These equatorial, high altitude, sun-drenched junipers are what create the distinctive nutty and earthy flavours of Procera.

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Samuel, Mary, Rosemary and Kinyanjui — harvesters
Freshly harvested un-dried juniper
Procera is proudly African, distilled by our dedicated team of distillers at Kenya’s first craft distillery. We use ten botanicals grown across our vast continent by the most passionate and dedicated farmers. From the plains of Morocco in the north-west to the Indian Ocean islands in the south-east, Africa’s sun and soils produce an unparalleled quality and range of natural produce.
Procera is distilled in the Müller 230L Aromat pot still using Roger’s (our Master Distiller) self-taught “secret” technique, honed over 30 years of making spirits in Africa. Procera is a gin to be enjoyed ideally neat, on ice, or in a martini.
Kitengela forging another unique bottle
230L Müller pot still
Procera comes in an unforgettable hand-blown bottle, crafted by the incredible team at Kitengela Hot Glass, while the striking palm wood stopper is hand carved by more of Kenya’s finest artisans. The bottle’s beauty lies in its simplicity: one piece of glass, one piece of wood, and one piece of leather, with no label to hide the artistry only time and passion can produce.

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Procera is currently available in high-end cocktail bars, hotels and members’ clubs in many of the world’s great cities such as London, Hong Kong, Paris and New York. For more details please visit our Instagram page.


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